Saturday, November 28, 2009


I should have written this post long time ago,
but due to my laziness,
lol... it was delayed until now.
And sorry guys, with unknown reason + noob pc,
I cant upload all those photo.
So if you want photo please get from me in msn. TY~

This photo was taken in the "garden" of INTI,
happy thing is these are all my classmate and also best friends,
we study togather, yc togather and do sohai thing togather.
It's great to have you guys as my friends!!!
Sad thing is, semua batang tak ade lubang...
Really sad...

Anyway, I may not have chance to see these friends anymore,
everyone has their own destination to go,
but, we got Facebook ma!
No worry!

Night view of INTI's garden.
This photo was taken if not mistaken at a night before my final exam.
Which is my first time studying until so late in library.
For your information, I am a person who anti-library!
Long story.......
Although the night view is beautiful, but it's kind of creepy,
whole academic block was empty... woo~

Ok, this is something funny.
I name it the fountain of bags!
I think every INTI-ian should know where this is.
It's right in front of the library!
Although there was a notice as you can see in the photo
writing "Please put your bag in the locker"
You know la, usually Malaysians like to do what they not suppose to do.
As people says:" if we don't break the law, you will see
lawyers and polices hanging around in"
No comment...

This is how INTI looks from in front.

Actually they are the same, just different side.
For your information,
at the time I took this photo,
it was actually the first I went there,
although I already studied in INTI for 2 years!!!!

The End~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Erm... my blog was kind of dead now, because of my laziness and busyness and whatever la.
So I decided to make it! Less dead... Ok it's story time! About what happen on the afternoon today.

The story begin with...
Long long ago (the specific date is 24-11-2009), there was a cute guy (from ee fuan) name Ban Pin. One morning he drove his car to Penang to pay the US Visa fee in a bank. He paid 80 cents for the parking and walked slowly to the bank. When he reached the bank, then he went to the counter and picked a form and filled it up. Then he pressed the blue button indicated trading service, then he...
skip skip skip....

Sorry for that introduction which was suck, you know la, every essay must have an introduction ma. Ok now it's the climax!

So after Ban Pin settled everything, he drove back to his hometown for a hair cut. When he was seeking parking near the saloon, suddenly a kid ran out!!! According to his professional and experience, he estimated the distant between the kid and the car was not more than 10 meters and with his speed of about 10 km/h, he was about to knock the kid in 30 seconds (simply crap only, LOL) At the critical moment a lady which Ban Pin predicted she is the kid's grandma ran out and hugged the kid hoping that Ban Pin will knock her body instead of her grandson. Luckily!!! The smart Ban Pin stepped on the break immediately and luckily also he wasn't driving fast! So in the end, no casualty was reported, everyone was save and sound. Thank to superhero Ban Pin for saving the day.

Actually the purpose of writing this post was to show people that, how mighty the love of a grandma to her grandson. She willing to protect the kid with her body, which I think this scene can only be seen on movie, but I have experienced it today! But hor... I think if I am not stepping the break on time, both will also get badly injured lo. So, we must also act smart in case of worst case scenario. In this case if the grandma pulls the kid to the side, everything will be just fine. But who will think so much at the time of emergency leh? You thought everyone like Ban Pin so smart meh? LOL

The End!

Friday, November 20, 2009


DHL!!! Thank you!!!
Wee~the thing that made me worry for 2 months
finally reached my hand!
It only took 3 days to deliver from
US to my home,
good and effective JOB!
But it cost me 43USD la...
anyway, I can start to apply for visa lo!
One step nearer to my journey to the west!

But... another problem rises...
Please ar! Let me successfully get my VISA!
And also the solve the problem of my accommodation!
Pls... ti gong popi popi~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's holiday and
I was so boring...
So I used my handphone and snapped some photo with the
" Big Red Flower"
Our national flower planted by my neighbor.
They were edited with photoshop.
I don't really know how to use photoshop,
so I just adjust their brightness and contrast.

Bunga Raya

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Finally it's holiday!
But I'm still stuck in INTI.
Will update my blog after going back to my home,
if I can successfully purchase a Celcom Broadband or P1max or anything that
allows me to connect to internet.
Bacause.... I don't have internet connection at my home!
This is ridiculous!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I screw up my blog! I was trying to change the layout of the blog... But I dont know what I have done, the blog became an error and I cant change back to my previous layout. So now I just simply put an layout and will work on it after the final exam... Someone please help me!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun Spree!

It was an awesome WEEK!
Play! Enjoy! Burn Money!
And it was Thursday night again!
This week,
Ministry of Sound, Euphoria Sunway!
This week went with Wan Min, Ee Fuan, FY and Ernest.
At first we planned to "pou" Barcelona,
But with unknown reason,
Barcelona was closed that night.

So, MOS lo!
We met Wan Min's high school mate, Mona and her bf there.
Liquor of the day: Absolute Vodka
Price: RM 368
Mixer: orange juice
Refill: 2 times
Comment: I think it was nice as I prefer Vodka, but all of them said it tasted bitter
and not really nice.

Anyway, I've drank quite a lot that night as
we went kinda early and I was so boring
standing beside the bar with not-so-crowed
dance floor.

When the dance floor started to get crowed,
I was already half drunk.
So, started to dance like no tomorrow with them
in the dance floor!
The dance floor was just awesome that night!
Music was great too!
At least not those songs I listen
everyday in the radio.LOL

FY, me and Ee Fuan in DEQ!
If you can get into DEQ before 10pm on Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, you can get into Euphoria
without cover charge for guys as well as ladies!!!

Oh ya, and there is a Halloween Party in MOS
on this Saturday, 31st Oct.
Dress code: any costume you like
Promotion: Alcohol will be cheaper than normal days.

Me with two leng lui-s Wan Min and Ee Fuan in DEQ after the party ended!
They looked gorgeous that night!
and they played so hard that night! haha....
Anyway, when it's time to enjoy,
we should ENJOY mah!
Life is short, play more! and play safe! LOL

Wan min and me in the car.
I was still half drunk and
Ee Fuan was pigging, I think...

Smile~ Say cheeeeeeeeese!!!


That's the end for Thurday night!

Now back to a day before,
Went to sing K with FY, Ayame, Albee and Ykit
in GreenBox located in Seremban Jusco.
Ate a lot junk food but sang just a little bit.
You know la, I am not really into singing K.
Especially when they picked cantonese songs
and I was like.... LOL I dont know cantonese la!
Anyway, I did enjoy myself!

Albee, Ayame and Me~ weeeee~

FY and me!

Albee and me~

this week was just FANTASTIC!!